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Questions and answers

Some information about GOST Certification:

GOST is the valid quality certification system in Russian Federation ( known as well as GOST-R Certification). GOST is a very important document for Russian companies and for companies exporting products on FR market. GOST certificate means in Russia the same as ISO 9000 on European Union market. GOST is the approved quality system in Russia.

GOST Certification accords to the specified products. For that reason sometimes samples are required. Accredited by GOSSTANDARD ( Russian Governmental Standards Organization) laboratories are carrying out tests on provided samples. On a base of tests result certificate is being issued.

In a certificate, following information are placed:


Who is authorized to issue certificate?

Body which is entitled to issue certificate is GOSSTANDART but also other accredited Certification Organs and accredited Test Laboratories. To receive GOST-R certificate, production system and products should be analyzed by authorized auditors to check if they meet Russian norms. Company has to provide some official documents, confirming production quality. Sometimes also samples of products are required.

The Certificate Organs are under strict control of GOSSTANDART so all the documents and products are precisely tested. These Organs are situated mainly in Moscow. Each Organ has its own area for which they are entitled to issue certificate.

For example, Organs which are entitled to issue Certificate for groceries are not allowed to carry out certification for textile products etc.

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